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Special Accomplishments

Ms. Michelle Corbett completed her thesis and was the recipient of a Master Degree in Guidance and Counseling in January, 2004 from Laverne College in Bakersfield, California.

Ms. Danielle Corbett was hired as Molecular Biologist and Research Assistant at the Cancer Center in the School of Medicine in the University of Arizona. Danielle is also involved in community activism by serving as Regional Coordinator of "Rock the Vote", a non-profit organization with the purpose of registering eligible voters, especially those in swing states, for November Presidential election. As coordinator, Danielle was chosen to attend a national conference held in Washington, DC in April 2004.

These are Harvey Corbett’s daughters and the grandchildren of Bennie and Clara Corbett.

Welcome to The Corbett Family




Mildred Corbett Thompson, 83, of 414 South 8th Street, Mebane, N.C., passed away suddenly Monday, August 18, 2008.  She was born in Orange County to the late Bennie E. and Clara Johnson Corbett.

Mildred retired from Burlington Industries after 23 years of service.  She was active in her church and community until her death.  She was married to the late Jake A. Thompson for 57 years.

Survivors include a son, Kenneth Lee Thompson (Betty) of Newport News, Virginia; a daughter, Clara Thompson Foriest (Tony) of Graham, NC; one sister, Naomi Swann (Harvey) of Aurora, Colorado, two brothers, Joseph Corbett (Dorothy) of Cedar Grove, NC; and Harvey Corbett of Manassas, Virginia; four grandchildren (Pamela, Telissia, Tamara and Bryant); three great-grandchildren (Deja, Trey, and Imani).

Visitation will be from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., Friday, August 22, 2008, at Kimes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

Funeral services will be conducted at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, August 23, 2008, at Kimes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church by the Rev. Tyrone Alston.  Burial will be in the White Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Carr Store Road, Cedar Grove, NC. 

At other times, the family will be at 414 South 8th Street, Mebane, NC.  Arrangements are entrusted to Chavis-Parker Funeral Home, Hillsborough, NC.  



President’s Message

Again let us thank God for blessing us to see another Corbett Reunion. 

When I think of our family and what I would like for us to embrace is this short message.

No man knows the minute or the hour, so for that reason and that reason alone, we ALL should take advantage of every opportunity given to us to enjoy our family and friends.

As long as God gives us breath in our bodies—it should be our priority to do His will and LOVE one another.

God Bless You All,

Pamela Corbett Chapman, President
Corbett Family Reunion Committee, 2008

Hat Fashion Show    ...  By Mrs. Mary Corbett


 In Loving Memory



We Tell Their Story - A Family Reunion Poem

When we celebrate new life or weep over lives lost, we rise and tell their story. 

Their lives imprinted in our memory never to be forgotten, we rise to tell their story.

When we hear their voices in our own laughter and their song becomes the music of our lives.  As we grow older and their conviction becomes our own, we rise to tell their story.

When we're trying to remember something in time long forgotten and they are suddenly there stealing the scene and teaching us now what we could not understand then, we rise to tell their story.

When we visit the old homestead and smell the sweet smells, touch the textures as our hearts breath suddenly revived reliving moments long forgotten their lives rewritten in minds, we rise to tell their story.

When we are comforted by the sweet assurance that when we reach our destiny and come to rest we will neither be alone nor be forgotten.  For then you, our sons and daughters will surely have to rise and tell our story.

Because we we're born and we've been laid to rest and for all of life's celebrations in between we will once again awaken in someone's  memory who found a reason to step back into the past and touch a memory resurrected and rise and tell our story. 

And, O what a sweet, sweet story you will have to tell. 

Author - Mark Askew, founder, Legendary Heritage Heirlooms


Wallace Corbett

 Wallace Corbett had a dream, a very special
dream – and we know that dream as “The
Corbett Family Reunion”!  Because of his love
and dedication, The Reunion was officially
Started in 1980.

 The following poem is lovingly dedicated to
Him and his dream…..

 I Shall Not Pass Again This Way
The bread that giveth strength I want to give;
The water pure that bids the thirsty live;
I want to help the fainting day to day;
Because I shall not pass again this way.

I want to give the oil of joy for tears;
The faith to conquer cruel doubts and fears;
Beauty of ashes may give always,
Because I shall not pass again this way

 I want to give good measure running o’er,
And into angry hearts I want to pour
The answer soft that turneth wrath away,
Because I shall not pass again this way.

 I want to give to others hope and faith;
I want to do all that the Master saith;
I want to live right from day to day;
Because I shall not pass again this way.







Recognized for his Positive Contribution & Dedication to the Corbett Family Reunion
July 2007


Mildred Thompson
Mary E. Corbett
Larry Corbett
Claude Corbett
Douglas Corbett
Dewey Corbett
Earlie Mae Pettiford
Linda Hill
Dorothy Corbett
Flordine Crisp
Inez Jeffries
Greg Corbett


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